Major Arts Grants ($10,000+)


The Plano Community Band is funded in part by the City of Plano.


Corporate Donors and Corporate Matching Funds


Community Rewards Partners


Private Donors


Vivace ($1,000-$4,999)

Joe and Becky Frank

Allegro ($500-$999)

David Breitzmann
Jennifer Breitzmann
Bob and Dinah Carter
Richard and Carol Clark
Warren Hancock
Becky Miller
Marcus Thompson
Jim and Sheila Winsor

Andante ($100-$499)

Anonymous x3
David Bellia
Bob and Linda Block
Bill and Maria Brewster
Dianne and Marion Brockette
Jesse and Betty Covey
Amy Crawford
The Deutsch Family
Dallas and Bonnie Dupree
David Frank
Jim and Cindi Fry
Gary Grahnquist
Joanna Grossman
John Guilbert
Michael Guillory
Chris Heider
Dawna Hubert
Robert James
Debbie and Keith Johnson
Jessica Karlinski
Carol Levy
Don O’Grady
Chris and Diane Parker
Warren and Sherry Rubin
Jane Shea
Angie and Joe Sifferman
Alan Stevenson
Bob Straka
Ray and Isela Tautges
Mari Viola
Anita Williams
Donald and Sue Winsor
The Wolff Family


Adagio ($25-$99)

Anonymous x2
Sheila Alvarez
Chris Aucoin
Ray Brinks
John and Patty Di Filippo
Sarah Franklin
Glen Haschke
Alan and Lois Kohn
Mark Montgomery
Doris M Mott
Diana O’Hearn
Angela Pedigo
Friedrick Seiboldt
Jonathan and Nancy Sennetti
Sara Smith
Stained Glass Unlimited
Robert Taylor
Tod and Deborah Toney
Kathi Turner
David and Lee Anne Young