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We are currently getting ready for our November 22nd concert at the Eisemann Center. While the majority of this concert will feature transcriptions (original pieces written for orchestra or piano and orchestrated for concert band) we have one new piece that I am rehearsing with the band. “Music for Life” was composed in honor of Tommy Guilbert by Lew Buckley and the Association of Concert Bands. Lew, and the 2015 ACB Convention Band, premiered the piece in April at the National Convention in Sacramento, California. Several of us were able to be in attendance at the premiere and we are excited to be performing it in November for all of you.

While it is always exciting to work up and perform a new piece of music, when you have Tommy’s name on the dedication line it means that much more. And to top that off, when you get to have the composer come in for a rehearsal to share his thoughts about Tommy, the piece and what was driving the particular notes to be placed on the page…. Well that is an experience that the band will retain for a long time to come.

Make sure you have November 22, 2015 marked in your calendar and join the Plano Community Band at the Eisemann Center in Richardson for our 2:30 PM concert featuring Transcriptions: “Strings to Winds” and a special performance of “Music for Life” in honor of Tommy Guilbert. You have to admit, the price is right.

Follow the link on the home page to secure your reservation to this free event.

See you there!

Jim Carter
Associate Conductor


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