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Conducting the PCB for the last nine months has been a tremendous privilege. Jennifer Breitzmann, our band President, keeps asking if I am still having fun and the answer is still an enthusiastic “yes!”. I look forward to every rehearsal and every opportunity I have to conduct this wonderful group of musicians.

Succeeding Tommy Guilbert has been an honor but also a challenge. As the saying goes, Tommy is a “hard act to follow”. Since the beginning of my tenure, it has been my desire to continue Tommy’s legacy to the best of my ability. Tommy was without a doubt the heart and soul of the band. No previous director of the PCB has been more effective in establishing a culture of quality music, respect for each other as musicians, and a genuine sense of camaraderie. I continue to challenge myself to live up to those expectations. I also believe there is an expectation that to build on these great traditions, I have a responsibility to move the band forward.

To this end, it is my guiding principle to provide a profound, outstanding musical experience for every member of the PCB. To do this I seek to challenge the band musically. I strive to provide the band with high quality musical literature, and work for the highest quality musical performance, built on a foundation of clear expression and communication. Music can be a powerful force in our lives. If we “make the music right”, good things will follow. I hope each of you, as musicians in the PCB, feel in every rehearsal and performance the rewards and satisfaction of making music together.

“Yes Jennifer, I am having a great time!” I sincerely hope you all are as well.


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