Music For Life

Inspiring the Next Generation of Musicians

Music for Life launched in September 2015 to honor PCB Conductor Emeritus Tommy Guilbert, who believed in encouraging everyone to continue playing and enjoying music for life, no matter their age.

Project goals include:

  1. showing middle and high school band students that music truly is for life;
  2. assisting the band directors with UIL contest music;
  3. demonstrating the PCB’s commitment to the betterment of Plano’s young people;
  4. generating new audience members for PCB performances; and
  5. developing future members of the PCB.

Each spring, the PCB partners with two Plano ISD middle school bands.

  • Select PCB members work with the young musicians in sectionals and full band clinics.
  • We perform side-by-side with the middle school band in a private concert for the students’ families.
  • The PCB members donate their time, many of whom leave work early to be at the clinics.
  • The PCB “Momtourage” hosts a pizza dinner between the afternoon clinic and the evening concert for each band.

In the fall the PCB features guest soloists at our major indoor concert. The soloists also lead clinics for the Plano ISD students where they:

  • Demonstrate interesting musical passages
  • Impart wisdom about playing the instrument and practice techniques
  • Share stories to inspire students to be their best

One of Tommy Guilbert’s proudest accomplishments is the large number of former students who continue to play today, whether as professional musicians, music educators, or talented amateurs. The PCB honors him by making time to continue their life-long love of, and appreciation for, Music for Life!

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