Major Arts Grants ($20,000+)



The Plano Community Band is funded in part by the City of Plano.



Arts Grants ($2,000+)


The Plano Community Band is funded in part by the City of Richardson through the City of Richardson Cultural Arts Commission.


Corporate Donors and Corporate Matching Funds


Community Rewards Partners


Private Donors

Vivace ($1000-$4,999)

Robert Burleson Charitable Gift Fund
in memory of Tommy Guilbert

Allegro ($500-$999)

Jennifer Breitzmann
Denise Guilbert
Warren Hancock
Lloyd E. Oler, Jr.
Jim and Sheila Winsor

Andante ($100-$499)

Bob and Linda Block
David Breitzmann
Bill and Maria Brewster
Dianne and Marion Brockette
Michael and Rebecca Browning
William and Shirley Bryant
Bob and Dinah Carter
Jim Carter
Jesse and Betty Jane Covey
Jessie Davis
Mike Eipper
Joseph Frank, Jr.
Gary and Sandy Grahnquist
Kathy Kuddes
Solina Marquis
Nancy Michalek
Duwain and Jean Pingenot
Amy Plummer
Warren and Sherry Rubin
Allan Schmidt
Angie and Joe Sifferman
Stephanie Guilbert Stanley
Jean Stephens
William and Carol Tempest
Terra Turf Landscape Plano
Chuck and Debbie Vavra
Hal and Liz Wolff
Janice Wolff


Adagio ($25-$99)

Anonymous (2)
Monica Beaty
David Bellia
Carol Bentzlin
Joel and Harriet Berenstein
Douglas and Carol Boyle
John and Nancy Breitzmann
Ray Brinks
Melissa and Andrew Brown
Bill Bryan
Amy Crawford
Judy Daniluk
Lynn Firmin
Linda Hawk
Chris Heider
Keith and Debbie Johnson
Jessica Karlinski
Howard Kennedy
The Kless Family
Alan and Lois Kohn
Mark Montgomery
Jeana Moradi
Alvie and Melissa O’Neal
Christopher Parker
Mel Peterson
Cinde Pettey
Jon Reed
Elmer Schenk
Bob Straka
Isela Tautges
Mari Viola
Jack and Cindy Walker
Linda Welch
Cathy Wolff
David and Lee Anne Young